Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hell In a Cold Climate

Finnish crime fiction aficionado Juri Nummelin's flash-fiction print magazine Ässä (which means "Ace") is out with a cover story ("Hundred") by Yours Truly.

I love that cover...

"Hundred" originally appeared on Tribe's late and lamented flash fiction site, Flashing in the Gutters. I'm glad to see it's found a new home. As you can see from the other contributors, it's in good company.

And thanks, Juri!


Juri said...

You're truly in a good company. Petri Laine mentioned in the cover is a Finnish writer who mainly dabbles in science and speculative fiction.

Juri said...

I forgot totally to mention that the cover is by a guy called Henri Joela who really loves his pulp fiction.