Sunday, November 30, 2008

Concentrated Essence of Awesome

Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong.

With nunchucks.

Need I say more?

Hat tip to Ain't It Cool News.

Yeah, it's probably CGI. Still.


Cornelia Read said...


There was this very cool, gracious guy who was a security guard at one of my daughter's first special-needs schools out here in California. I always had to wait in the lobby for about fifteen minutes every morning before her classroom opened, and he and I would chat.

After this had been going on for about a year, the topic of martial arts came up and he very casually mentioned that he'd trained with Bruce Lee in Oakland, starting when he was about fifteen years old, and that he still traveled widely to demonstrate Bruce's moves at conventions and stuff because he was one of the few people who'd trained with him who were still young enough to have the speed necessary.

I said, "Dude, if I had trained with Bruce Lee, I would've told you within the first thirty seconds of meeting you. I can't believe you kept that under your hat for a whole year."

He just smiled and shrugged. I guess if you're that good, you don't have to show off, you just know it and can be calm in real life.

That impressed the hell out of me.

Bedlam said...

ok, you threw in cgi ? looks real to me

freeneasy said...

Bruce still looks good - even dead.