Monday, December 22, 2008

Did Ya Hear the One About....

The crook who was so dumb she robbed a bookstore? 

Best wishes to the folks from Quail Ridge Books, who seem to be weathering the disaster okay. RDU area Hellions, you know I've been after folks to buy books for gifts this season, so maybe drop by and show Quail Ridge some last minute gift-buying love.

Ho ho ho!


David Terrenoire said...

I'm there.

I saw this in the paper today.

Jesus, to rob Nancy? One of the nicest people on the planet? That's some cold-hearted shit right there.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Call me naive or old fashioned or maybe even stupid, but I just can't warp my head around people who think it's okay to do this kind of crap.
You know for a fact that this thieving Anna Susan Kosak would blow a gasket if someone was robbing her. And yet she feels it's all right to slowly lie and cheat and steal from someone who trusts her.

I'm glad the store isn't in serious trouble and I hope Ms. Kosak really get screwed over by the legal system.

Oh yeah, and GO BUY BOOKS!!!