Friday, March 27, 2009

A Public Service to the Writing Community

Hey, writers! Ever been deep in the throes of Deadline Hell, with the laundry piling up in drifts and stuff growing in the shower tiles, when you get a phone call that your mother's bringing the vicar over for tea? No? Me neither. I'm not really even sure what a vicar is. But I'm still willing to bet you'd benefit from these handy tips on How to Quickly Fake a Clean House .

Hat tip to Lifehacker.


Celine said...

Hah! This only works for a house that's nearly clean already; when you have serious packrat clutter, it won't even make a dent. Believe me, I know whereof I speak.

Caveat said...

Celine is right on. If I were at the point of worrying about hiding a stain on the couch, my place would be clean enough.

By leaving a tablecloth on in the diningroom, I can bundle all the mail, opened and unopened, that usually populates it and stuff it in the clothes dryer.

It takes me three full days to get my place in order enough for invited guests - and that's just downstairs.

I tidy up my bedroom by closing the door - hey, it's the last place I hit each night and I never see it except in dim light.

Uninvited guests are told I'm just off to the dentist in another town or offered a suggestion that we hit the restaurant a couple of doors down because I'm in the middle of sorting through a lot of junk which is all over the place :>)

Door-knockers always get the bum's rush.