Monday, March 23, 2009

We Have a Winner!

No, I haven't forgotten last week's contest. I wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to got a chance to get their idea in on how to use Death Switch in a story. I didn't get a lot of entries, but the ideas folks came up with were good ones, so it was a tough decision. But our winner is:


I particularly liked kit's take on having the main character disappear and go after the bad guys because it "takes one SOB to go after another." My kinda story.

kit, send me your snail mail address and I'll shoot you a copy of BREAKING COVER. Send it to dustyr AT

There are three vaults in Arizona that store contraband nabbed by US port inspectors and customs agents on Arizona's 370-mile border with Mexico. A reporter from the Arizona Republic visited one of them, in Nogales, where racks are packed with 27,000 pounds of marijuana, boxes of speed, coke, and guns. A file cabinet holds half-a-million dollars in cash...

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Anonymous said...

thank you JD!! I look forward to reading this book...I have sent an e-mail..along with a clip of what's going on right now in our homestate of ND.kit