Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Rep Eric Massa (D-NY) finally says what needs to be said:

  • Dick Cheney is a coward who needs to STFU so we can solve the problems he created.
  • Jim DeMint has put Americans at risk for political gain.
  • No one complained when Dubbya took SIX DAYS to come out and make a statement about the "Shoe Bomber"
  • More Dems need to kick back against Republican liars like Cheney, King, DeMint, and Hoekstra who are making this failed attack by the Undiebomber into a political issue.

Link, for those who can't see embedded vids:

More Dems like this, please.


WrdLvr said...

It IS a political issue. Our government is empowered to protect us. Health care should not be their number one priority. Safety should be.

micheinnz said...

WrdLvr, being uninsured in the USA sounds pretty damn unsafe from here (New Zealand). I've heard so many horror stories about people having to fight _to get the coverage they've paid for_, let alone actual, y'know, health care, that I have no idea why the system wasn't scrapped years ago.

Gerard said...


JD Rhoades said...

Yeah, you like it?