Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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Watch Pat Buchanan in this bit, and I think you'll understand, if you didn't already, how insane the wingnuts really are. Watch as Buchanan, supposedly some kind of right wing elder statesman, gets more and more hysterical, his voice climbing almost into a range only dogs can hear, as he demands that the Undiebomber be tortured, even though the reports are that he's already cooperating. Then he demands that we kill his entire family.

Then contrast that with the commentary from Washington Independent reporter Spencer Ackerman, who sounds like an adult. I particularly like the bit about "Muslim supermen with Muslim heat vision". A tip of the hat to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who's rapidly becoming one of my favorite bloggers, for cluing me in on this one.

I certainly hope the adults win this conversation. I wish, however, that more Democrats would grow a spine and push back against this hysteria and fearmongering, not to mention calling these assholes out for politicizing this failed attack to raise funds and get votes.


Anonymous said...

O-blame-o gets an “A+” in blaming others.

He based his presidential campaign on blaming Bush. He can’t blame Bush any more, so he blames government workers, departments and agencies.

All from his luxurious vacation rental in Hawai’i.

Obama has no military experience, no executive experience, no management experience, can’t make a speech without a teleprompter, avoids the media or has staged “news conferences,” won a Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishing nothing, supports the Global Warming theory even while it was being proven a hoax, was absent from the Senate more than 50% of the time.

Obama and his wife know how to plan 747 vacations at tax payer expense. That’s the extent of their successful accomplishments.

JD Rhoades said...

Which Republican talking head did you plagiarize that one from, Anon? You already got caught stealing from Jim DeMint last time, so we already know you don't have a thought in your head that wasn't parroted from what you've seen on Faux News. So 'fess up before you get embarrassed again.

Dana King said...

I'm often struck by the paradox of anonymous commenters, expressing their righteous outrage at others behind a cloak of anonymity. Why not post your name and allow us to see what's on your blog, or what you post elsewhere?

I suspect from the tenor of your response you would prefer Bush to Obama, though few of your complaints about Obama don;t apply just as well to Bush, who also has a pretty good resume of other things to complain about.

And not a curse word in my comment.

David Terrenoire said...


Obama inherited one hell of a mess from the Bush years. Now, Republican apologists like you whine about:
1. The deficits - Cheney in '02: "deficits don't matter"
2. Obama doesn't have military experience - as opposed to Cheney who took five deferments while supporting the war in Vietnam, as long as someone else did the fighting.
3. Vacations in Hawaii - would you prefer he spend Christmas in Crawford? Jesus, Al, where would you prefer to spend your vacation?
4. Days on vacation - let me know when Obama tops 1020 days like W, a full third of his presidency asleep at the switch.
5. Teleprompter - Let me know which of our modern presidents didn't use a teleprompter.
6. Staged news conferences - as opposed to Bush's staged questions from male prostitute Jeff Gannon?
7. Nobel Prize - well, even Obama admitted he didn't deserve the prize, so I guess you got me there.
8. Climate change - a hoax proven by whom? The 7% of scientists on the oil industry's payroll?
9. Absent from the Senate 50% of the time -Unlike his opponent John McCain who ranked as the #1 most absent senator of the 110th Congress, missing 61.8 percent of the votes, beating even Tim Johnson (D-SD) who was recuperating from a brain hemorrhage. Important votes missed include the economic stimulus package and “at least seven votes of prominence on Iraq.”
10. How many presidents can you name who don't travel at taxpayer expense?

Really, Al, is this puerile pap the best you can do? If so, you should start stealing from better sources.

JD Rhoades said...

As noted above, comment moderation is now enabled. If Anonymouse addresses the questions raised here, he's in. If he ducks them with more generic talking point bullshit, he's deleted. Sound fair?

David said...

YouTube video for those, like me, who can't see MSNBC video because we don't use IE.

JD Rhoades said...

Thanks. I use Firefox and I can see it fine, but whatever works.