Friday, June 11, 2010


The Washington Monthly reports that John Boehner now says that he doesn't want the taxpayers to help pick up the tab for the BP oil spill. His position now is that "not a dime" of taxpayer money should be used to clean up BP's mess. Not what he said yesterday, but whatever.

Boehner has not, however said if he'd support lifting the liability cap that would limit the damages BP would have to pay. With the cap still on, some of the bill for cleanup would inevitably be sent to you and me.

Meanwhile, the DCCC has put up a website,, asking people to sign a petition to "Tell John Boehner, No Bailout for Big Oil."

Boehner's for Bailouts For Big Oil. Has a nice ring to it.


Karen in Ohio said...

Clearly, he's drunk off his ass.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I don't even know what I want to happen with this. I just want it to be over before the midterm elections. Fat change.