Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why I'm Watching the World Cup Right Now

Glenn Beck hates the World Cup | Media Matters for America: "It doesn't matter how you sell it to us. It doesn't matter how many celebrities you get. It doesn't matter how many bars open early. It doesn't matter how many beer commercials they run. We don't want the World Cup. We don't like the World Cup. We don't like soccer. We want nothing to do with it. You can package it any way -- you can spend all kinds of money. You can force it on our television sets. We will not enjoy the World Cup."

Okay, I was probably going to watch the US play England, even if Beck hadn't gone off on this rant, which is some truly over the top dickitude, even for Beck. After all, I love my country, and love to see it succeed, especially in things we're not normally known for being good at.

But the fact that the World Cup induces this degree of apoplexy in the man who is to asshats as the Grand Canyon is to holes in the ground is just icing on the cake.



Karen in Ohio said...

You can tell Beck doesn't have any kids, can't you?

My 40-year old daughter played soccer for 10 years, and her son plays now. He's going to lose out with this one, because it's one of the most popular sports for kids, and has been for many years in the US.


Celine said...

Well, I'm not watching it, but that's because I don't like sports in general -- nothing special about the World Cup.

And the riot thing -- as if Americans have never rioted over sports. Has he been living in a hole for the last 15 years?

Don't answer that.

John McFetridge said...

It really seems like there's nothing that can bring Americans together these days - everything is used as a wedge to drive people further apart.

During the game today one of the English commentators pointed out that over 90 million Americans are in some way involved in soccer and outside of South Africa, the United States bought more tickets to the World Cup games than any other country.

And, of course, there's been a ton of press about the positive effect that the rise of soccer has had on South Africa - ironically, bringing people together.

It'll be great if the USA can go deep into the tournament. Good luck.

Indiana Joe said...

Great. I wasn't planning on watching any of the World Cup, mostly due to a general lack of time. However, I have a moral obligation to piss off Glen Beck.