Friday, November 06, 2009

More Scenes From the Capitol Health Care Protest
....[A] man standing just beyond the TV cameras apparently suffered a heart attack 20 minutes after event began. Medical personnel from the Capitol physician's office -- an entity that could, quite accurately, be labeled government-run health care -- rushed over, attaching electrodes to his chest and giving him oxygen and an IV drip.


By the time it was over, medics had administered government-run health care to at least five people in the crowd who were stricken as they denounced government-run health care.

Heh. It's easy to denounce "government health care" till you need it. Then it's "gimme gimme gimme..."


David said...

God is truly an iron.

Gerard said...

I was flipping channels this morning and stopped on CSPAN2. They were covering the anti-health care rally and one speaker had this to say"

Someday in the not too distant future we will remember today, November 5th, 2009 as the day we killed health care.

JD Rhoades said...

Gerard: Oh, the drama!

Charlieopera said...

I would’ve thought the GOP learned from NY’s 23rd how it cannot embrace the psycho faction of its party but there was Michelle Bachmann yesterday beneath a picture of Dachau dead trying to compare a public option to the holocaust. So, no, those (wing)nuts have no decency.

What has to be disturbing to moderate/liberal Republicans was that other moron John Boehner along for the party with I don't know how many of his bestist friends.

This is where you Obamicans can rest easy … because so long as that’s any part of the “other choice”, the Dems will surely retain possession of the treasured White House belt … and since nobody in the same party feels any urgency to get ANYTHING done, we can still have the change we can believe in … or was it hope we can believe in? I’m always confused by those two.

Nader in 2012

Dana King said...

Charlie touched on something few other seem to have noticed. Pundits are lined up to talk about how the VA and NJ governors' races show a national swing away from Democrats and their policies, when there predominantly local issues that decided those elections. (in VA, the Democrat was a terrible candidate, and Virginians traditionally elect governors not from the sitting president's party, for reasons never adequately described. People in NJ hate Jon Corzine. Period.)

The NY-23 race was the one truly national election, where conservative forces from across the country contributed time and money to get Hoffman elected, going so far as to get the Republican candidate to drop out. The result? They got their asses handed to them. This country is more conservative than many wold like, but it's definitely NOT wingnut conservative.

Demonstrations like those yesterday might only be pounding nails into the mainstream chances of the Republican Party. Not that Democrats seem inclined to do much about it.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the media gives them any cred is because the White House hasn't gotten around to saying, "Oh, the Republicans? They're all Tea Baggers." When that happens, the base will be thrilled and everyone else will go, "Hey, didn't we used to have two major parties in this country?"

Which is a shame, because I'd rather see both major parties broken up and an end to the two-party system.

JD Rhoades said...

I would’ve thought the GOP learned from NY’s 23rd how it cannot embrace the psycho faction of its party but there was Michelle Bachmann yesterday beneath a picture of Dachau dead trying to compare a public option to the holocaust.

Next to the guy with the sign claiming Obama was a tool of the Rothschilds. I didn't know there were still any of those old school International Jewish Banking Conspiracy nuts left.

John McFetridge said...

Pretty much every conspiracy theory out there gets to "Jews" at some point. Sometimes I play a game on their websites to see how may clicks it takes (more than four is rare).

You can't say the conspiracy nutbars have turned their backs on tradition.

Gerard Saylor said...

If there really was a Jewish conspiracy running the world wouldn't they be getting flooded with converts?

JD Rhoades said...

No, no, the point of a conspiracy is that it's a SMALL group SECRETLY running everything. Getting a bunch of converts would reveal the secret.

*knock knock*


"I'm here to convert and join the International Zionist Conspiracy."

"There is no conspiracy! Go away!"

"But I read..."

"Go away, I tell you! There is no conspiracy!"

*dejected aspirant walks away*

"Whew! That was close..."

LongHairedWeirdo said...

You know - traditionally, if you try to convert to Judaism, you *will* be refused.

They *claim* it's because, to be righteous, a gentile only has to obey some 8 rules or so (the Noachide laws, while Jews have 600+ laws to follow. (Admittedly, a bunch of those are no longer followed, because there is no temple, and a lot of them dealt with that.)

But if it was a conspiracy, of *course* they'd say that.